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The decisions you make about your teeth and oral health can impact the rest of your life. Dr. Smaily and his team understand your concerns and our dentist in Kitchener will treat you with the utmost care.

At our Crescent Oak Dental clinic, we believe in providing good communication and building trust with our patients. Our dentist in Kitchener is committed to providing patients with information and choices regarding their dental health to ensure they are comfortable with their decisions.

Our dentist near you is dedicated to creating beautiful smiles through preventative care and restorations. We provide comprehensive dental care, including digital X-rays and thorough screenings. At our emergency dental clinic, we offer a variety of services, from general dentistry to dental surgery to cosmetic dentistry. Please contact our dentist near you to learn more!

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Mary ErtelMary Ertel
21:15 30 Nov 23
As always my experience with Mohican was great!
Mary RowanMary Rowan
15:11 24 Nov 23
***Neurodivergent community beware***Dr. Kim does not like to be questioned and will demand you take drugs that could kill you if you want treatment from her. Essentially barring access to services. She is specifically uncomfortable with educated patients and people who care about their autonomy and being a consenting part of their health care journey.The clinic will tell you they can make accommodations and then treat you like your crazy for bringing up aforementioned accommodations.This clinic is for you if you would like to be verbally manhandled, gaslit, and belittled for being on the spectrum. Otherwise avoid at all costs.This clinic used to be incredible and was one of the only places I'd go in the past. It's sad to see it going downhill so much.
John RobsonJohn Robson
16:58 03 Nov 23
I have been a patient of Dr Smailey for 10 yrs and I cannot say enough good things about the man. He is the first dentist in my 68 yrs that I trust completely. My wife, several co-workers, and extended family have all switched to him over the years and would never dream of going somewhere else.The past yr or so, whenever I try to make an appointment, the admin will try to push me off on the other dentist and I have seen the other dentist. I have nothing against her and she is very good BUT I go to that office for Dr Smailey and I have made that very clear.2 weeks ago I called about a lost fillng and a chipped tooth and insisted on Dr Smailey, two weeks was the best they could do. Ok. 72 hrs before the appt I got a v/m saying they double booked but the day before was available. I called to reschedule, nope, just have to push me back an hr on the original day. Then, the appt was cancelled just as I was leaving my home to go there. Apparently he is sick and I have no problem with that, the man is human. NOW, I'm pushed out another 3 weeks. Unacceptable. In the past if I had a filling fall out, the office could get me in within 24-48 hrs.Dr Smailey is an amazing dentist who I completely respect but, since the corp change, the office is making it very difficult to continue being his patient and it's a shame.I hope I don't end up leaving and looking for another dentist but I will if it continues.
Victoria VesiaVictoria Vesia
18:28 09 Jun 23
I had the best experience at Dr B Smaily. I would highly recommend this place to all my family and friends. They were very considerate of my time. Accommodating to my needs as a patient too. One of the best parts of being there was chatting with Brady and Fatima, They were very warm people and made me feel very welcomed at the office. For once I actually look forward to my dentist appointments now. Look forward to coming in again!
Matt MacPhersonMatt MacPherson
15:43 05 Jun 23
The booking process at this dental office leaves a lot to be desired. I initially requested a consultation for veneers, but was given an appointment without being asked for my preferred date and time. To make matters worse, they scheduled me for both a consultation and a cleaning, which I didn't request. They sent two confusingly similar appointment messages which seemed like duplicates.Though the receptionist was somewhat condescending upon arrival, there were some positives. The staff member who conducted my x-rays was very friendly and professional. However, overall the experience was disorganized and left me frustrated. The office could greatly benefit from improving their scheduling system and communication.
My wife brought my daughter to this clinic and sufered an injury in her face when was in a carie filling treatment, my wife was such a good person that didn't demand them when there was a reson to do it. How they pay back? Charging my wife extra money when my dental insurance cover 100% of everything, terrible service, don't recommend it.
Ameer AbunasarAmeer Abunasar
19:57 23 Mar 23
Fitore AliuFitore Aliu
18:04 15 Mar 23
I had my crown replaced and I had spoken with their staff that no surprise charges appear. It comes out that after 6 months of finishing work I still owe them 450$, as my insurance didnt cover everything. I could have paid that amount through my health spending account if they had communicated it on time.I am very disappointed on how their staff addressed and handeled this, very unproffesional.I paid the fee and will now be looking for a new dentist!
Lise YoungLise Young
19:49 29 Nov 22
Richard WRichard W
19:50 22 Nov 22
Comfortable atmosphere. Profesional staff. Had an awesome tooth cleaning.
Harshad SonajeHarshad Sonaje
19:01 22 Nov 22
I am finally writing the review after going to the clinic for a couple of years just to make sure my review is based on wholistic experience over a period of time rather than just single treatment.Dr Smaily is a very professional and skillful dentist. I have done some complex procedures at the clinic and I am very happy with the results so far. At one point one of the treatments had some minor issues and Dr Smaily fixed it without charge (I was very grateful).The best part about visiting Dr Smaily is that he has specialization in multiple specialities as a result the complete treatment happens under one roof no need to go to different dentists for different parts of the treatment.Overall I am satisfied with the treatment so far and I will highly recommend Dr Smaily if you have complex dental needs. I also had a few treatment sessions with Dr Amna Maqbool and she did a good job too. Kudos to Dr Smaily and team.
Chris AdonisChris Adonis
11:50 12 Oct 22
Very friendly staff & professional service. Brady really makes a BIG difference as he goes the extra mile with calling insurance company to see what's covered and when you should schedule you're next visits under your coverage allowance😊
Pattiann PPattiann P
17:28 14 Sep 22
ALL staff are friendly, and informative. Nice experience...thats a tough thing to say about going to any dentist.
Brianna FischerBrianna Fischer
18:48 12 Sep 22
The dental assistant who did my cleaning was very kind and did a good job.However the method of communication via phone and email is often confusing. I have 5 different phone numbers currently saved in my phone as the out-going text messages and phone calls seem to come from a different number then the listed number I must use to call in. This has caused me to miss phone calls and leave them to go to voicemail as they pop up as an unknown number instead of my presaved contact. I have since added their multiple numbers to my phone and hope to have no issues going forward.I understand the front office is going through renovations and computer/operating system changes, but these miscommunications has caused 3 appointments to be cancelled for me. I look forward to the front office updates and transition to be completed so the miscommunications can be lessened.
Jenna GagelJenna Gagel
14:57 05 Aug 22
Dr Smaily is the best. I have major dental anxiety and I drive 1.5 hours because no one does better work, or deals better with anxious patients, than Dr. Smaily.My former dentist (who retired) was so good most other dentists in the city came to him. Dr. Smaily is even better. I hope he never retires. I would pay double to keep coming to him (and with the price of gas, I almost do!)
Marty WilkinsonMarty Wilkinson
16:09 26 Jul 22
Overall, really great! Dr Smaily and all staff at this office are a pleasure to deal with. The office has an atmosphere of professionalism, care and compassion and I truely believe the care and concern of their patients is paramount. I have and will continue to invite others to use B Smaily Dental as their primary dental office.Thank you, todays visit was, as always, a pleasure.
Vikki PittmanVikki Pittman
21:58 20 Jul 22
Boyfriend had 14 teeth pulled yesterday here and they lied to him about what sedation he was going to be having, he asked to be asleep and they gave him conscious sedation, left the stitch tail like an inch long, refused to take his x-rays from another dentist so they could make money on taking new ones and refused to send paperwork to insurance company. If you like getting lied to, being overcharged and having a butcher work on your mouth this is your spot to go! The B in B Smaily must stand for Butcher
Patty BygravePatty Bygrave
17:38 05 Jul 22
My experience was excellent. The dentist and her assistant were great. Made me feel very comfortable. And felt as though I was reserving the best care ever. . Dr Kim thank you.
Rebecca JacksonRebecca Jackson
22:41 30 Jun 22
Best dentist and dental hygienists in town. I highly recommend this place!
Smiley 4EverSmiley 4Ever
18:04 02 Jun 22
Excellent cleaning service today by Lynette and it was affordable. Very pleased with how my teeth look and feel. Dr Smaily and his staff are fantastic. He always puts my needs first knowing that I do not have benefits.
Lissette CostisorLissette Costisor
23:17 27 May 22
I usually am anxious to go to the dentist but I had the best experience at B Smaily. Candice was so kind and Dr. Smaily was so friendly and genuine. I highly recommend going to this dental office.
John SuarezJohn Suarez
17:53 16 May 22
All the staff are friendly and shows passion on their profession. Your teeth is in good hands. They have regular checks from their doctor and gives you update on the status of your teeth. The dentist are gentle and cleans very well. Receptionist are awesome, gives you flexible options on your next appoinment and making sure that you pay the right amount. The place is clean, with proper ventilation and staff are wearing proper PPE. The reminder system keep you updated of your incoming appointment and they follow Covid protocols to keep you safe.
PR GalPR Gal
10:33 29 Mar 22
Hygienist Mohiba, not sure I spelled that correctly, was amazing with my son on his very first visit. She took her time being playful and completely putting him at ease. Thank you so much! He can’t wait to go back to the dentist!
Rob S.Rob S.
20:50 17 Mar 22
Very disappointing.I had immediate dentures done.Never fit right from the start.Was given incorrect care instructions and when I asked for a soft reline after trying to endure for 1 month I was told to find a denture specialist for better care
Andrea ButlerAndrea Butler
00:40 26 Feb 22
I haven’t had benefits for quite awhile so the dentist was just a no go. So fair to say my teeth were lacking a lot of proper attention; which also caused some anxiety.I’ve been twice now and both times they take very good care of you; answer as many questions as you need and are super gentle.Dr. Smaily is the first dentist I’ve been too where I barely felt the numbing needles ( and that’s saying a lot Because, ow aha ; but todays visit was barely noticeable! I had a couple root canals and deep cleaning done.Highly recommend them
Lisa KennedyLisa Kennedy
20:30 24 Feb 22
Just switched dentists. Today was my first visit. All staff from reception to the Dr were exceptionally friendly and caring. I was so pleased with my treatment there today. So happy to have a dentist so genuine.
Daryle O'BrienDaryle O'Brien
16:08 23 Feb 22
The entire staff are fun to work with and make the entire process easy.
Gary DuenchGary Duench
14:34 23 Feb 22
Very busy office. Had a good visit. Staff almost to busy to talk to you had them walk out of the room several times in mid conversation. Most comfortable dental office experience ive ever had relaxing. Dr Smaily is a charecter, knowledgable funny and you can see his experience I recommend this office
Ramena YohanaRamena Yohana
14:54 18 Feb 22
Dr. Kim was wonderful when working with my 4 and 6 year old. They both felt comfortable and happy during the whole appointment. They only had positive things to say after we left.
Sarah BrownSarah Brown
15:40 14 Jan 22
Bilal is a great dentist and provides great advice. We went to him for a second opinion 4 years ago and he saved us thousands of dollars on unnecessary dental work. We've been going here ever since. The dental hygienists are excellent, friendly, professional. And they are really great with my kids.Update: I've been going to this dentist for a few years now. They are always great with my kids. My kids actually enjoy going to the dentist, me at that age I never could have imagined that. I recently had a big filling done by Dr. Kim. She was excellent! Very patient, explained the process well and very thoughtful about treatment and care. Highly recommend
Taylor ReavelyTaylor Reavely
01:04 13 Jan 22
Very good with kids, my daughter loved her first time at the dentist!
Ash HopkinsAsh Hopkins
18:55 28 Aug 21
I hadn't been to the dentist in a few years but everyone here made me feel welcomed and they were super kind and super good about covid safety! I highly recommend them.
Wendy KrieckWendy Krieck
12:03 26 Aug 21
Who ever thought of giving a dentist a 5 star rating. Smaily Dental deserves my 5 star. I wasn't even their patient but was told to contact him from a co worker to help with a severe toothache I was having. When I called the office and explained about the severe pain I was having, they told me they had a cancelation the next morning.(thank you to the person who canceled 🙂)They did a full exam with jaw and teeth x-rays and Dr. Smaily knew what tooth was giving me trouble. He mentioned a root canal but that would only provide relief for 6 months. He said it was cracked right down to the root and it had to be pulled. He asked if I could come back after his last appointment that day to pull it! Thank you to all the staff members who also stayed later to help out. I'm on the road to recovery and feeling much better. Thank you!
Kevin HKevin H
22:54 11 May 21
Visits to the dentist always make me anxious but the staff here go to great lengths to make every visit comfortable. Great work by all.
Michelle HillierMichelle Hillier
14:12 01 May 21
It was my first time going there yesterday and I felt like I was going there for a very long time. They make u feel so welcome and comfortable. Very friendly people and cares alot about taking care of you and trying to save you money as will. They saved me 700 dollars cause the other dentist I was going to told me I had to get stuff done and it don't have to be done. If your looking for a good dentist this is the one to come to.
Tanya WelchTanya Welch
23:13 11 Mar 21
First visit with some anxious boys! Everyone left smiling! So happy we finally found a dentist (and staff) that is a comfortable and positive experience!
carolyn daviscarolyn davis
23:34 08 Mar 21
I was a little nervous because of Covid but every precaution is being taken to make sure it's safe.I am very happy to have my teeth cleaned and checked ,it takes a bit of stress of my shoulders . Everyone was great. Thank you
Chris MosseyChris Mossey
18:22 02 Mar 21
I just switched dentists today to Dr Smaily. I'm very excited to be his new patient. He comes well recommended. He's extremely professional and knowledgeable and the staff are awesome. It felt like a family atmosphere and that I'm going to be well taken care of. I'm looking forward to my root canal on Thursday!!Thank you!!!Chris
Kim MKim M
23:33 01 Mar 21
First time there. The staff are friendly and great. The dentist and assistants are amazing and made me feel at ease as best they could(was extremely anxious). I definately recommend Smaily Dental!
Theresa HaffnerTheresa Haffner
04:00 27 Nov 20
Dr Smaily and his entire staff are outstanding. They are passionate about their patients, are kind and empathetic. They take time to explain everything and never rush you. They get to know each patient on a personal level and treat us as part of their family. Dr Smaily is the best in his field. He not only performs regular dental work, checkups but is also an outstanding surgeon and goes above and beyond to make your smile the best. I’ve never met a dental surgeon like him and I will never go to anyone else. All 3 of my adult kids are also patients and they had some traumatic events with past dentists when they were young and used to suffer from anxiety before each appointment but Dr Smailey has changed all of that with his caring mannerisms and understanding. I highly recommend his dental office!
Rebecca YoungRebecca Young
16:06 21 Nov 20
Dr. Smaily and his team are just fabulous! I feel confident in the care that they provide. I have had some negative experiences at dental offices in the past and wanted to find a great dentist. I trust Dr. Smaily and his team completely. They are kind, knowledgeable, and professional, putting you at ease through appointments with humor and great care. 😁


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