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At Crescent Oak Dental, we offer numerous specialty treatments that will improve your oral health. Oral health doesn’t just mean ensuring your teeth are clean. Oral health also includes the health of your gums, the ability to speak, smell, taste, and chew, as well as having confidence in your smile without experiencing pain or discomfort. We are proud to offer dental specialties in Kitchener to help our patients achieve optimum oral health!


Endodontics focuses on disease and injuries to the soft tissue in a tooth, also known as dental pulp. The main goal of endodontics is to maintain and restore your natural teeth. Common treatments include root canal surgery or root canal treatments.

Oral and Maxillofacial

This specialty service includes treating conditions and injuries of the mouth, jaw, teeth, and face. Some of these treatments include the removal of wisdom teeth, treating facial discomfort, and concerns related to a misaligned jaw.

 Dental Specialties

Oral Pathology

Oral pathology is the science that studies the cause and effects of oral diseases. Standard practices in oral pathology include clinical exams, lab tests, and many others! To offer the right treatment, we provide answers to what exactly is causing specific problems.

Oral Surgery

Our dentists work hard to save as many existing teeth as possible. We understand that losing a tooth can impact your confidence and your ability to smile, speak and chew. Oral surgery is only considered when there is no other viable treatment.


Periodontics focuses on treatments and procedures related to the gums. At B Smaily Dental, we are happy to provide periodontal treatments so you can achieve optimum oral health. Inflammatory diseases can destroy the gums or other structures that support the teeth. Periodontal treatments treat gum inflammation. However, it also helps prevent severe other gum diseases.


Prosthodontics is a restorative treatment that restores and maintains your teeth’ function, appearance, comfort, and health. It involves using artificial teeth to replace natural teeth to provide strength and a natural appearance to your smile.