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Dental Technology in Kitchener

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Dental Technology Near You

With the help of advanced technology, dentists can now provide more effective solutions to treat dental concerns. We strive to provide our patients with treatments that are efficient and effective. That’s why we offer state-of-the-art technology that will help detect and prevent dental issues. One of our main priorities is educating our patients on diagnoses and treatments to understand the treatment options thoroughly.

Dental Technology in Kitchener

iTero Scanner

Our iTero scanner is a technology designed to measure a patient’s mouth using precise imaging technology to capture the small details in the mouth. This technology makes it easier than ever for dentists to gain more insight into their patients’ oral health while providing a comfortable patient experience.

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Intraoral Camera

Intraoral cameras are used to give our dentists and patients a unique view of each tooth. This allows for a better understanding of diagnoses so that your dentist can make an informed decision regarding treatments.

An intraoral camera is a small wand that can magnify each image more than 30x. Intraoral cameras can expose any hidden issues, assess progress, treatment planning, and eliminate any uncertainty.

Once the wand is inserted into the mouth, images are transmitted onto a TV screen. The images can be magnified so your dentist can explore deeper into affected areas. A significant benefit of using intraoral cameras is that it does not expose patients to harmful radiation.

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Dental Technology near you