Everyone is interested in achieving a brighter, whiter smile, so it should be no surprise that there are many over-the-counter and DIY teeth whitening products and techniques trending, all of them promising a smile that will make you feel red-carpet-ready!

Unfortunately, while some of these products provide good results, many of them will disappoint you. Even worse, some of these products can cause irreparable damage to your gums and teeth. Before you go forward with any form of teeth whitening in Kitchener, consult with our dentist at B Smaily Dental. They will help you determine the best and safest teeth whitening option for you.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most talked-about teeth whitening trends:

Activated Charcoal

Perhaps the most well-known DIY teeth whitening method today, activated charcoal has been endorsed by beauty bloggers worldwide. According to these bloggers, using activated charcoal to brush three times a week will leave you with a radiant smile. However, our dentist near you warns that the abrasive nature of charcoal can lead to tooth enamel erosion and deterioration. While it may be effective in the short term, activated charcoal should never be used long-term.

Coconut Oil

Some individuals claim that a process known as oil pulling can whiten your teeth. The process involves swishing a teaspoon of coconut oil around your mouth for around five minutes. Although this trend isn’t necessarily harmful, it is a waste of time, as there is no proof that this whitens your smile.

Baking Soda

Even though baking soda can naturally whiten your teeth, it isn’t the safest or best option. While you may initially notice a whiter smile, these results will be short-lived. Furthermore, baking soda is abrasive and can weaken your tooth enamel, increasing your risk of tooth decay and cavities.

Whitening Pens and Strips

These products claim to offer affordable and easy whitening results; however, many individuals who try this method often end up with patchy, undesirable results. Furthermore, not all of these products are safe and can irritate or damage your gums.

Consider Professional Teeth Whitening

With all of these trends for teeth whitening, it may be difficult to discern what your best option is. The safest and most effective way to whiten your teeth is to visit your dentist in Kitchener for professional teeth whitening services. When you visit B Smaily Dental, our dentist can complete your teeth whitening in just one visit!

To begin the procedure for teeth whitening, our dentist will use a protective shield to cover your gums and prevent the whitening gel from touching them and causing irritation. Next, they will apply a professional-grade bleaching agent to your teeth and shine a special laser beam over it to break up the stains and whiten your teeth. Finally, they will provide a fluoride treatment to strengthen your tooth enamel and ensure your smile stays healthy.

Most of the time, patients don’t experience any side effects from teeth whitening, except for some mild tooth sensitivity that typically resolves on its own within a few days. Your new smile will last you several months, with occasional touch-ups needed at times to maintain your radiant results.

If you are interested in learning more about professional teeth whitening near you, contact our team of dedicated dental professionals at B Smaily Dental today. We can’t wait to provide you with the smile of your dreams!